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Premium Quality Steel Rebar

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Reinforcing bars strengthen concrete and keep it in tension to improve its resistance and mechanical performance. The rebar ensures a perfect connection with the concrete.
Yegna Trading offers a standard and special rebars to be used in reinforced concrete structures in all possible fields of application.

Yegna Rebar sizes available in Metric Bar from 6mm to 32mm key features

No.DescriptionStandard Conversion
1Steel coil (Staffa) 6mm
2Reinforcement Bar 8mm4.74
3Reinforcement Bar 10mm7.404
4Reinforcement Bar 12mm10.656
5Reinforcement Bar 14mm14.52
6Reinforcement Bar 16mm18.96
7Reinforcement Bar 20mm29.64
8Reinforcement Bar 24mm42.66
9Reinforcement Bar 32mm75.72