Why don’t people paint the rebar in concrete construction?

There is the cases where, people are not allowed to paint the rebar, and actually, slight scale or rust may improve the bond between the cement paste and the steel rebar.

Reasons People don’t Paint the Rebar

Paint, however, if not reinforced firmly to the rebar, and particularly glossy paint would break the cement paste to steel bond. There are instances when corrosion resistance is exceptionally important, take for example chemical storage tanks or wastewater treatment tanks. We use epoxy coated rebar for these applications, and in salt environments, galvanized rebar may be specified. Rebar that has setting from rust, or a huge covering of free rust must be cleaned or supplanted before cement is poured, however once the solid fixes, the rebar implanted in it isn’t presented to oxygen, and very little corrosion takes place.The exceptions (and there are always exceptions) is if chlorine ion accelerators are added to the concrete mix, or if the concrete isn’t vibrated thoroughly to consolidate the mud around the reinforcing.
Also, rebar protruding from the concrete can rust, and the rust can travel into the beam, column, or slab and cause spalling to occur. This is the reason people don’t paint the rebar in concrete construction.

Regularly rebar put nearby are utilized rapidly in concrete development. At the point when the rebar is shrouded in cement there is no oxygen accessible for rusting process along these lines shielding the rebars from erosion and rusting securing Steel rebars. Then again Steel rebars can be painted on the off chance that they are presented to climate for long haul with no appropriate insurance against the climate.

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